Christophe Ritzenthaler

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Invariants and hyperelliptic curves: algorithmic aspects and open questions, Talk in Trento (Sep. 2012).

Invariants and hyperelliptic curves: geometry, arithmetic and algorithmic aspects, Talk in Luminy (Oct. 2011).

Algorithmic number theory and the allied theory of theta functions, Talk in Edinburgh (Oct. 2010).

Rationality of intersection points of a line and a quartic, Talk in Istanbul (June 2010).

Optimal curves of genus 1, 2 and 3, Talk in Leuven (May 2010).

Completeness, Talk in Montréal (Apr. 2010).

From the curve to its Jacobian and back, Talk in Montréal (Apr. 2010).

Existence of dimension zero divisor, Talk at Antalya (Sept. 2009).

Serre's obstruction for genus 3 curves, Talk in Guadeloupe (May 2009).

Some old and new problems on genus 3 curve, Talk at ESF workshop (Mar. 2009).

Quelles courbes elliptiques pour la cryptographie ? Talk at C2 (Mar. 2008).

Addition law on a plane quartic, Talk in Tahiti (May 2007).

AGM method for non hyperelliptic curves of genus 3, Talk in Bordeaux (Nov. 2003).