Dynamics and structure of biological networks

Marseille - Luminy
February 14 - 17, 2006

Organizer: Paul Ruet.

Context: This workshop is part of Geometry of Computation 2006 (Geocal06), a special series of events in theoretical computer science organized by the GEOCAL group and taking place at the CIRM from January 30 to March 3. Geocal06 is supported by the following institutions: IML, FRUMAM, Luminy, UnivMed, CIRM, CNRS.

Thematic presentation: Biological networks are found at the core of all biological functions, from biochemical pathways to cell communication processes and gene regulation mechanisms. Their complexity calls for proper mathematical models and results in order to relate their structure to their dynamical properties.
In the last few years, several progresses have been made in this interdisciplinary field, e.g., the mathematical study of genetic networks, the modelisations of the structure of protein level interactions via concurrent programming languages, to quote only a few recent advances.
The workshop is intended to present and confront these lines of research, and propose possible cross-fertilisations and extensions (dynamics of metabolism, intercellular communication, stochastic aspects...). It will be an opportunity to bring together mathematicians, logicians and concurrency theorists, biologists and physicists interested in a structured approach of biological interactions.

Preregistration: on the Geocal06 site. Deadline: October 30, 2005.

Preliminary list of speakers: