Logic and Linguistics

Marseille - Luminy
February 13 - 17, 2006

Organizer: M-Renée Fleury, M. Quatrini, J. Vauzeilles.

Context: This workshop is part of Geometry of Computation 2006 (Geocal06), a special series of events in theoretical computer science organized by the GEOCAL group and taking place at the CIRM from January 30 to March 3. Geocal06 is supported by the following institutions: CIRM, CNRS, Luminy, Paris Nord, FRUMAM, IML, PPS, LIPN,

Preliminary programme

Thematic presentation: Linguists and logicians tried to specify grammars as logical theories. As compared to the traditional linguistics, the advantage of the logical approach is that we can prove important properties of the grammars such as soundness, completeness and consistency.

J-Y. Girard has introduced linear logic (1987) as a resource sensitive logic. The basic feature of linear logic that is essential for linguistic applications, is the absence of contraction and weakening rules. But the unlimited commutativity rule is not acceptable from the linguistic point of view either. If we do not allow the commutativity rule at all, we strongly restrict the expressive power to generate natural languages.

One of the promising approaches among various extensions and generalizations of Lambek grammars is to use proof nets technics inspired by linear logic.

This "Linguistics and logic" workshop aims at bringing together logicians, linguists, and computational scientists to discuss the problems of logical applications to linguistics.

Preregistration: on the Geocal06 site. Deadline: October 30, 2005.

Invited speakers

Preliminary programme

Monday 13 (Annexe CNRS-CIRM)

9h - 10h30 Christian Rétoré Exposé introductif
10h30 - 11h Coffee break
11h - 12h30 A. Lecomte Peut-on parler d'une logique de la langue ?

12h30 - 14h Lunch

14h - 15h Mickael Moortgat Lambek calculus with Grishin interactions
15h - 16h Aarne Ranta Parametrized Grammar Modules for Romance Languages
16h - 16h30 Coffee break
16h30 - 17h30 Philippe De Groote Abstract Categorial Grammars: definition and formal properties

Tuesday 14 (Salle de conférences du CIRM)

14h - 15h Reinhard Muskens Abstract syntax, concrete syntax, semantics, and natural langage
15 - 16h Max Kanovich Lambek Calculus and its generalizations: Expressiveness, Complexity
16h - 16h30 Coffee break
16h30 - 17h30 Alain Lecomte How to use primitives of Linear Logic to modelize linguistic phenomena like anaphora and ellipis?
17h30 - 18h30 Michele Abrusci Remarks on relationships between logic and linguistics

Wednesday 15 (Salle de conférences du CIRM)

9h - 10h Philippe Blache Beyond generative grammar : the role of constraints toward description grammars
10h - 11h Anne Abeillé Can we model coordinations (or not )?
11h - 11h30 Coffee break
11h30 - 12h30 Christian Rétoré TBA
12h30 - 14h Lunch
Afternoon Excursion
Don't forget your shoes for hiking in the calanques

Thursday 16 (Salle de conférences du CIRM)

Guy Perrier Interaction Grammars and their implementation
15h30 - 16h Coffee break
16h - 17h Denis Bechet Parsing Lambek calculus using partial composition
Patrick Thevenon Typage principal avec deux flèches

Friday 17 (Annexe CNRS-CIRM)

9h - 10h Claudia Casadio Non commutative linear logic vs. pregroup grammar
10 - 10h45 Anne Preller Compact 2-categories, a semantical interface for Natural Language Processing
10h45 - 11h15 Coffee break
11h15 - 12h Gabriele Pulcini Permutative Logic
12h30 - 14h Lunch

Speakers, titles and abstracts