Games, Dialogues and Interaction

September 28/29/30 2009

Centre CNRS du 59 rue Pouchet, Paris 17ème

French version


This colloquium rests on recent advances in Logic, Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Sciences which shed a new light on the understanding and formalisation of dialogue, and more generally, language interactions. The notion of "game" and its links with proof theory give one of the axes of this approach..

The goal of this colloquium is to give an account of the most recent researches in that field, in a multidisciplinary way. Works that will be presented will deal with formalisation as well as the semantic, pragmatic and philosophical aspects of language interaction.

This colloquium is organized by the laboratory SFL (Structures Formelles du Langage) of the "Université Paris 8", in the frame of the project PRELUDE * de l'ANR. 


* PRELUDE = « Toward a Pragmatic Theory based upon the Ludics and the Continuations », joint project of four research teams:
Laboratoire "Structures Formelles du Langage" (Paris 8 et CNRS), Institut de mathématiques de Luminy (Aix-Marseille and CNRS), Laboratoire d'informatique de Bordeaux (équipe Signes) (Bordeaux I, CNRS and INRIA) and Laboratoire lorrain de recherches en informatique et applications (LORIA, Nancy).