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IML, Campus de Luminy
163 avenue de Luminy - Case 907
13288 Marseille Cedex 9

Glenn Merlet, Maître de Conférence at IML

Office B213
Tel +33(0)4 91 26 96 69

Research Interests:

My research field is stochastic Discrete Event Systems especially max-plus linear ones, which model a wide class of nerworks.

Keywords :

DES,  (max,+) and (min,+) semiring, weighted automata, timed Petri nets, applications topical functions, stochastic recursive sequences, performance evaluation.

Ergodic theory tools :

Products of random matrices,  Lyapunov exponents, limit theorems, mixing, spectral gap,   martingales approximation, sub-additivity.

Applications fields:

Transportation (especially trains) and communication networks, scheduling, production systems. theoritical physics.
Me on Tsukiji Bridge