Marc Bagnol's laconic personal page

I am currently a PhD student at the (late) IML under the direction of Jean-Yves Girard.

If you want to contact me, here's my e-mail adress:

Published papers:

Unification and Logarithmic Space; (RTA/TLCA 2014) joint work with Clément Aubert.
Analyse de dépendances et correction de réseaux de preuve; (JFLA 2014, in french) joint work with Alexis Saurin and Amina Doumane.
   (English short version for the SD14 workshop)


Logic Programming and Logarithmic Space; (2014) joint work with Clément Aubert, Paolo Pistone and Thomas Seiller. (submitted to APLAS 2014)
Synchronous machines: a traced category; (2012) [slides] joint work with Adrien Guatto. (also on HAL)

Lecture notes, slides:

GoI part 2: Unification and exponentials; (2013) the notes of my lecture on Geometry of Interaction at the Linear Logic summer school in Torino. Part 1 by Thomas Seiller.
Le critère de Mogbil-Naurois; (2013, in french) the notes of my lecture on the NL-complete Mogbil-Naurois criterion for proofnets at the GdT LDP.
L'algèbre d'unification; (2013, in french) the notes of my lecture on the unification algebra at the GdT LDP.
Réseaux de preuve pour MALL; (2012, in french) the notes of my lecture on proofnets for MALL at the GdT Logique.
Déduction naturelle et calcul des séquents; (2012, in french) the notes of my lecture on natural deduction and sequent calculus at the GdT Logique.


seqproofs.sty; a set of macros on top of bussproofs.sty (beware, beta-version -> feedback appreciated) and their documentation.
pn.sty; a set of TikZ macros to draw hypergraphs and proofnets (beware, alpha-version -> feedback appreciated), with some documentation.