WORDS 2007
Sixième conférence internationale sur les mots
17–21 septembre 2007, CIRM, Marseille, France


  • Ryuji Abe et Benoît Rittaud, Quasi-palindromy of elements of PSL(2,Z) associated to the Markoff spectrum
  • Petr Ambroz, L. Háková et Edita Pelantová, Properties of 3iet preserving morphisms and their matrices
  • Nicolas Bédaride, Eric Domenjoud, Damien Jamet et Jean-Luc Rémy, On the number of balanced words of given length and height over a two-letter alphabet
  • Valérie Berthé et Thomas Fernique, Brun expansions, substitutions and discrete geometry
  • Valérie Berthé, Christiane Frougny, Michel Rigo et Jacques Sakarovitch, On the amortized complexity of the odometer
  • Alexandre Blondin-Massé et Sébastien Labbé, A note on the critical exponent of generalized Thue-Morse words
  • Peter J. Cameron et Taoyang Wu, A new characterization of balanced words
  • Arturo Carpi et Valerio D'Alonzo, On a word avoiding near repeats
  • Giuseppa Castiglione, Antonio Restivo et Marinella Sciortino, Circular words and automata minimization
  • Alessandra Cherubini, Andrzej Kisielewicz et Brunetto Piochi, A bound for the length of shortest 2-collapsing words
  • David Clampitt, Manuel Dominguez et Thomas Noll, What Sturmian morphisms reveal about musical scales and tonality
  • Aldo de Luca, Michelangelo Bucci et Alessandro De Luca, Some generalizations of episturmian words and morphisms
  • Wit Forys et Piotr Oprocha, Infinite traces and symbolic dynamics
  • Nicolas Gast et Bruno Gaujal, Balanced labeled trees: density, complexity and mechanicity
  • Bruno Gaujal et Emmanuel Hyon, Reductions of mechanical words and nearest integer continued fractions
  • Amy Glen, Order and quasiperiodicity in episturmian words
  • Vesa Halava, Tero Harju, Tomi Kärki et Luca Q. Zamboni, Relational Fine and Wilf words
  • Camilo Jadur et Jorge Yazlle, Permutation cellular automata on AN
  • Arye Juhasz, A Lie-version of the Lyndon-Schützenberger theorem for groups
  • Idrissa Kaboré et Théodore Tapsoba, Complexité par fenêtre
  • Veikko Keränen, New Abelian square-free endomorphisms and a powerful substitution over 4 letters
  • Florence Levé et Gwénaël Richomme, Quasiperiodic episturmian words
  • Inna A. Mikhailova et Mikhail Volkov, Patterns avoidance by palindromes
  • Johan Nilsson, On numbers badly approximable by dyadic rationals
  • Pascal Ochem, Unequal letter frequencies in ternary square-free words
  • Andrew N. Plyushchenko et Arseny M. Shur, Almost overlap-free words and the word problem for the free Burnside semigroup satisfying x2=x3
  • Yuri Pritykin, Information in Infinite Words
  • Daniel Reidenbach et Johannes C. Schneider, Morphically primitive words
  • Kalle Saari, Periods of factors of the Fibonacci word
  • B. Sing et Victor F. Sirvent, Geometry of the common dynamics of the flipped Pisot-type substitutions