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GDRI Singularities



The GDRI Steering Committee's responsibilities include:

advising on the GDRI activities prepared by the Coordinators and the progress of the common work, suggesting adjustments as necessary;

deciding to incorporate new laboratories into the GDRI "France-Japan Vietnam Network in Singularity Theory" after consulting the GDRI Scientific Management Committee;

proposing modifications to the present Agreement.

The Steering Committee shall meet at least once every two (2) years or at the request of one-quarter (1/4) of its members. As necessary and with the unanimous consent of the Committee members, these meetings may be held by videoconferencing. It shall be chaired on a rotation basis by one of its members. It shall appoint one secretary per meeting.

It may invite any expert whose presence in it deems useful, in an advisory capacity, to attend its meeting, subject to the execution of a nondisclosure agreement by said expert.

It shall take decisions by a majority of three-quarters (3/4) of the Parties present or represented. Meeting minutes shall be taken for all Committee meetings. All minutes shall be distributed to the Parties.

The GDRI Coordinators shall attend the Steering Committee meetings in an advisory capacity.


To coordinate the projects of the GDRI, the Parties shall form a Steering Committee including representatives from the Parties who are not members of the laboratories involved with the GDRI.

The Steering Committee is composed of nine (9) members:

a ) Three (3) French representatives:

• the Director of the Institute of the Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions of the CNRS or his/her representative,
• two representatives for the other French Parties.

b ) Three (3) Japanese representatives:

• the President of the JSPS - Mathematical Section or his/her representative,
• two Directors of the Department of Mathematics or their representative, among the following Universities: Hokkaido, Tokyo University of Science, Kyushu, Kagoshima,

c ) Three (3) Vietnamese representatives:

• the President of VAST or his/her representative,
• the President of the VAST Mathematical Section or his/her representative,
• one representative name by VAST.


The first meeting os the Steering Committee will take place in beginning 2012.

Updated : march 11, 2014, EL.