Pondicherry/Poitiers/Paris VI


A tripartite cooperation agreement has been signed between the Universities of Pondicherry, Poitiers and Paris VI in november 1993. Each year a support from the french Minstry of Foreign Affairs is provided, which enables two french mathematicians to visit Pondicherry University and give lectures there, and two or three indian mathematicians to visit France for one month each. A report on this programm has been written by Professor P. Jothilingam.

Under this programm Mrs Gayatri came to France to prepare a thesis under the supervision of G. Grélaud.

In 1999 the following visits took place:

In the other direction, Loïc Merel (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Université Paris VII) visited Pondicherry University (as well as other places in Chennai and Mumbai) earlier in 1999, and Jacques Faraut (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Université Paris VI) visited Pondicherry University in November/December 1999.

Here is the programm for 2000 :

Furthermore, during the last years the University Paris VI invited several professors of Mathematics from Pondicherry University for one month each. Under this scheme in september/october 1999 M.S.Ramaswamy visited for one month Gilles Pisier at the Centre Émile Borel (Institut Henri Poincaré). In May/June 2000, V. Indumathi, (Professor, Pondicherry University) was invited for one month by the Université Paris VI where she worked in the analysis group with Gilles Godefroy.

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