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Acuña Vicente, Didier Gilles, Maass Alejandro.
Coding with variable block maps.
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 369, no. 1-3, 396--405, 2006.
Adamczewski Boris, Cassaigne Julien.
Diophantine properties of real numbers generated by finite automata.
Compos. Math. 142, no. 6, 1351--1372, 2006.
Ahlswede Rudolf, Mauduit Christian, Sárközy András.
Large families of pseudorandom sequences of k symbols and their complexity I.
General Theory of Information Transfer and Combinatorics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4123, 293-307, 2006.
Ahlswede Rudolf, Mauduit Christian, Sárközy András.
Large families of pseudorandom sequences of k symbols and their complexity II.
General Theory of Information Transfer and Combinatorics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4123, 308-325, 2006.
Alon N., Kohayakawa Y., Mauduit C., Moreira C. G., Rödl V.
Measures of pseudorandomness for finite sequences: minimal values.
Combin. Probab. Comput. 15, no. 1-2, 1--29, 2006.
Andreoli Jean-Marc, Maieli Roberto, Ruet Paul.
Non-commutative proof construction: a constraint-based approach.
Ann. Pure Appl. Logic 142(1-3) : 212--244, 2006.
Arnoux Pierre, Berthé Valérie, Hilion Arnaud, Siegel Anne.
Fractal representation of the attractive lamination of an automorphism of the free group.
Numération, pavages, substitutions. Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 56, no. 7, 2161--2212, 2006.

Aubry Yves, Langevin Philippe.
On the weights of irreducible cyclic codes.
In: Coding and Cryptography, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 3969, pp 46-54, 2006.

Aubry Yves.
Class number in non Galois quartic and non abelian Galois octic function fields over finite fields.
Bulletin of the Greek Math. Soc, Vol. 52, 61-76, 2006.
Avgustinovich Sergei V., Cassaigne Julien, Frid Anna E.
Sequences of low arithmetical complexity.
Theor. Inform. Appl. 40, no. 4, 569--582, 2006.
Baudot A., Martin O., Mouren P., Chevenet F., Guénoche Alain, Jacq B., Brun C.
PRODISTIN Web Site: a tool for the functional classification of proteins from interaction networks.
BioInformatics, 22 (2), 248-250, 2006 .
Boiteau M., Dutuit Y., Rauzy Antoine, Signoret J.-P.
The altarica data-flow language in use: Assessment of production availability of a multistates system.
Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 91:747-755, 2006.

Bonnecaze Alexis, Liardet P., Gabillon A., Blibech K.
Secure time stamping schemes: a distributive point of view.
Annals of Telecommunications, Vol. 61, n°5--6, mai-juin 2006.

Bonnecaze Alexis.
Multi-Signature Time Stamping Scheme.
Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Security and Network Architectures. SAR/SSI, June 2006.
Brasselet Jean-Paul, Schürmann Jörg, Yokura Shoji.
Classes de Hirzebruch et classes de Chern motiviques [Hirzebruch classes and motivic Chern classes].
C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 342, pp 325-328, 2006.
Bressaud Xavier, Maass Alejandro, Martinez S., San Martin J.
Stationary processes whose filtrations are standard.
Ann. Probab. 34, no. 4, 1589--1600, 2006.
Bressaud Xavier, Lacroix Yves, Liverani Carlangelo, Vaienti Sandro.
Introduction: Ergodic theory and non-uniform dynamical systems [special issue].
Held in Marseille, May 17--May 28, 2004. Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 15, no. 1, i--ii, 2006.
Cassaigne Julien, Chekhova Nataliya.
Fonctions de récurrence des suites d'Arnoux-Rauzy et réponse à une question de Morse et Hedlund [Recurrence functions of Arnoux-Rauzy sequences and answer to a question posed by Morse and Hedlund] Numération, pavages, substitutions.
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 56, no. 7, 2249--2270, 2006.
Chaouiya Claudine, Remy Elisabeth, Thieffry Denis.
Qualitative Petri net modelling of genetic networks.
In C.Priami and G.Plotkin (Eds), Transactions on computational systems biology. VI, 95--112, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 4220, Springer, Berlin, 2006.
Chaouiya Claudine, Mendoza Luis, Remy Élisabeth, Ruet Paul, Thieffry Denis.
From logical regulatory graphs to standard Petri nets: dynamical roles and functionality of feedback circuits.
Transactions on Computational Systems Biology VII, Springer LNCS 4230: 56-72, 2006.
Charon Irène, Denoeud Lucile, Guénoche Alain, Hudry Olivier.
Maximum transfer distance between partitions.
Journal of Classification, 23, 1, 103--121, 2006.
Denoeud Lucile, Guénoche Alain.
Comparison of distance indices between partitions.
Proceedings of IFCS'2006, Data Science and Classification, V. Batagelj et al. (Eds.), Springer, 21--28, 2006.
Didier Gilles, Laprevotte Ivan, Pupin Maude, Hénaut Alain.
Local decoding of sequences and alignment-free comparison.
J. Comput. Biol. 13, no. 8, 1465--1476 (electronic), 2006.
Ehrhard Thomas, Regnier Laurent.
Differential interaction nets.
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 364, no. 2, 166--195, 2006.
Ehrhard Thomas, Regnier Laurent.
Böhm trees, Krivine machine and the Taylor expansion of ordinary lambda-terms.
Proceedings de Logical approaches to computational barriers (CIE 2006), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3988: 186-197, Springer Verlag, 2006.
Ehrhard Thomas, Laurent Olivier.
Embedding the finitary pi-calculus in differential interaction nets.
Proceedings du workshop Higher Order Rewriting 2006. Publication électronique (accessible depuis ma page web, ), 2006.
Faure Henri.
Selection criteria for (random) generation of digital (0,s)-sequences.
Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods 2004, 113--126, Springer, Berlin, 2006.

Férard Eric, Rodier François.
Nonlinearity of some Boolean functions.
BFCA'06 (Atelier sur les fonctions booléennes: cryptographie et Applications 2005), sous la direction de J-F. Michon, P. Valarcher, J-B. Yunes, LIFAR, Publications des Universités de Rouen et du Havre, 2006.

Ferenczi Sébastien.
Substitution dynamical systems on infinite alphabets. Numération, pavages, substitutions.
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 56, no. 7, 2315--2343, 2006.
Gaudry Pierrick, Houtmann Thomas, Kohel David, Ritzenthaler Christophe, Weng Annegret.
The 2-adic CM method for genus 2 curves with application to cryptography.
Advances in cryptology---ASIACRYPT 2006, 114--129, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 4284, Springer, Berlin, 2006.
Ghattas Badih, Perera Gonzalo.
From elementary martingale calculus to rigorous properties of mixtures of
Bol. Asoc. Mat. Venez. 13, no. 2, 129--154, 2006.
Girard Jean-Yves.
Le point aveugle, cours de logique, tome 1 : vers la perfection.
Editions Hermann, collection "Visions des Sciences", 296 pp., dont un index détaillé de 12 pp., Juin 2006.
Girard Jean-Yves.
Geometry of interaction IV: the feedback equation.
Association for Symbolic Logic, Logic Colloquium 2003 , 76--117, 2006.
Girard Martine, Kohel David R., Ritzenthaler Christophe.
The Weierstrass subgroup of a curve has maximal rank.
Bull. London Math. Soc. 38, no. 6, 925--931, 2006.
Guiraud Yves.
Termination orders for 3-dimensional rewriting.
J. Pure Appl. Algebra 207, no. 2, 341--371, 2006.
Guiraud Yves.
Two polygraphic presentations of Petri nets.
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 360, no. 1-3, 124--146, 2006.
Guiraud Yves.
Termination orders for 3-polygraphs.
C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 342, no. 4, 219--222, 2006.

Guiraud Yves.
The three dimensions of proofs.
Ann. Pure Appl. Logic 141, no. 1-2, 266--295, 2006.

Hancock Peter, Hyvernat Pierre.
Programming interfaces and basic topology.
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 137, no. 1-3, 189--239, 2006.

Hbaib Mohamed, Mkaouar Mohamed.
Sur le bêta-développement de 1 dans le corps des séries formelles [beta-expansion of 1 in the field of formal power series].
Int. J. Number Theory 2, no. 3, 365--378, 2006.

Hbaib Mohamed, Mkaouar Mohamed, Tounsi Khaled.
Un critère de transcendance de fractions continues dans $\Bbb K\sb p((X\sp {-1}))$ [A criterion of transcendence for continued fractions in $\Bbb K\sb p((X\sp {-1}))$]
J. Number Theory 116, no. 1, 140--149, 2006.

Hubert Pascal, Mauduit Christian, Sárközy András.
On pseudorandom binary lattices.
Acta Arith. 125, no. 1, 51--62, 2006.

Ille Pierre, Rampon Jean-Xavier.
A counting of the minimal realizations of the posets of dimension two.
Ars Combinatoria, The Charles Babbage Research Centre, 78, 157--165, 2006.

Kasparov Gennadi, Yu Guoliang.
The coarse geometric Novikov conjecture and uniform convexity.
Adv. Math. 206, no. 1, 1--56, 2006.
Klimcik Ctirad.
Poisson-Lie symmetry and q-WZW model.
Bulg. J. Phys. 33, no. 3, 245--257, 2006.
Klimcik Ctirad.
u-deformed WZW model and its gauging.
SIGMA Symmetry Integrability Geom. Methods Appl. 2, Paper 079, 4 pp. (electronic), 2006.
Klimcik Ctirad.
On moment maps associated to a twisted Heisenberg double.
Rev. Math. Phys. 18, no. 7, 781--821, 2006.
Klimcik Ctirad.
Nested T-duality.
Lett. Math. Phys. 77, 99--110, 2006.
Le Gonidec Marion.
Sur la complexité de mots infinis engendrés par des q-automates dénombrables [Complexity of infinite words generated by countable q-automata] Numération, pavages, substitutions.
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 56, no. 7, 2463--2491, 2006.
Lopez Fabrice, Granjeaud Samuel, Ara Takeshi, Ghattas Badih, Gautheret Daniel.
The disparate nature of intergenic polyadenylation sites.
RNA, 12: 1794 - 1801, oct 2006.

Louboutin Stéphane.
Lower bounds for relative class numbers of imaginary abelian number fields and CM-fields.
Acta Arith. 121, 199--220, 2006.


Louboutin Stéphane.
The class-number one problem for some real cubic number fields with negative discriminants.
J. Number Theory 121, 30--39, 2006.

Mauduit Christian.
Propriétés arithmétiques des substitutions et automates infinis [Arithmetical properties of substitutions and infinite automata] Numération, pavages, substitutions.
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 56, no. 7, 2525--2549, 2006.
Mazza Damiano.
Linear logic and polynomial time.
Math. Structures Comput. Sci. 16, no. 6, 947--988, 2006.
Miernowski Tomasz.
Discrétisations des homéomorphismes du cercle [Discretizations of circle homeomorphisms].
Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems 26, no. 6, 1867--1903, 2006.
Muni Toke Ioane, Girard Jean-Yves.
Monte Carlo valuation of multidimensional American options through grid computing.
Large-scale scientific computing, 462--469, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 3743, Springer, Berlin, 2006
Müller Jürgen, Ritzenthaler Christophe.
On the ring of invariants of ordinary quartic curves in characteristic 2.
J. of Algebra, 303, 530--542, 2006.
Nart Enric, Ritzenthaler Christophe.
Non hyperelliptic curves of genus three over finite fields of characteristic two.
J. of Number Theory 116, 443--473, 2006.
Nogueira Arnaldo, Sevennec Bruno.
Multidimensional Farey partitions.
Indag. Math. (N.S.) 17, no. 3, 437--456, 2006.

Pellegrini Fabien.
Iwasawa decomposition of the Lie supergroup ${\rm SL}(n,m,\Bbb C)$.
J. Algebra Appl. 5, no. 3, 333--343, 2006.

Puschnigg Michael.
Excision and the Hodge filtration in periodic cyclic homology: the case of splitting and invertible extensions.
J. Reine Angew. Math. 593, 169--207, 2006.

Remy Élisabeth, Ruet Paul, Thieffry Denis.
Positive or negative regulatory circuit inference from multilevel dynamics.
Positive Systems: Theory and Applications, Springer LNCIS 341: 263-270, 2006.

Rodier François.
Asymptotic nonlinearity of Boolean functions,
Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 40:1, 2006.
Rodier François.
Sur les représentations non ramifiées des groupes réductifs p-adiques; l'exemple de GSp(4).
Bulletin de la SMF (errata), 134, 2 pages, 2006.
Tsfasman Michael A.
Asymptotic behaviour of the Euler-Kronecker constant.
Algebraic geometry and number theory, 453--458, Progr. Math., 253, Birkhäuser Boston, Boston, MA, 2006.

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