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  Aberkane Ali.
Words whose complexity satisfies lim p(n)/n=1.
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 307, no. 1, 31--46, 2003.
  Adamczewski Boris, Cassaigne Julien.
On the transcendence of real numbers with a regular expansion.
J. Number Theory 103, no. 1, 27--37, 2003.
  Ahlswede Rudolf, Khachatrian Levon H., Mauduit Christian, Sárközy András.
A complexity measure for families of binary sequences.
Period. Math. Hungar. 46, no. 2, 107--118, 2003.
  Allouche Jean-Paul, Baake Michael, Cassaigne Julien, Damanik David.
Palindrome complexity (selected papers in honor of Jean Berstel).
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 292, no. 1, 9--31, 2003.
  Andreoli Jean-Marc, Lazaré Laurent.
Concurrent construction of proof-nets.
Computer science logic, 29--42, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 2803, Springer, Berlin, 2003
  Bedaride Nicolas.
Billiard complexity in rational polyhedra.
Regul. Chaotic Dyn. 8, no. 1, 97--104, 2003.
  Bernat Julien.
Continued fractions and numeration in Fibonacci basis.
Proceedings of WORDS'03, 135--137, TUCS Gen. Publ., 27, Turku Cent. Comput. Sci., Turku, 2003.
  Brasselet Jean-Paul, Legrand André, Teleman Nicolae.
Hochschild homology of singular algebras.
K-Theory 29, no. 1, 1--25, 2003.
  Brasselet Jean-Paul, Aluffi Paolo.
Interpolation of characteristic classes of singular hypersurfaces,
Advances in Mathematics 180, no. 2, 692--704, 2003.
  Bruin H., Troubetzkoy Serge.
The Gauss map on a class of interval translation mappings.
Israel J. Math. 137, 125--148, 2003.

Bruin H., Saussol B., Troubetzkoy Serge, Vaienti S.
Return time statistics via inducing.
Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems 23, no. 4, 991--1013, 2003.


Brun C., Chevenet F., Martin D., Wojcik J., Guénoche Alain, Jacq B.
Functional classification of proteins for the prediction of cellular function from a protein-protein interaction network.
Genome Biology, 2003, http ://


Brun C., Guénoche Alain, Jacq B.
Approach of the functional evolution of duplicated genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a new classification method based on protein-protein interaction data,
Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics, 3, 213-224, 2003.

  Buchstaber V. M., Ilyashenko Yu. S., Krichever I. M., Sheinman O. K., Sossinsky A. B., Tsfasman Michael A.
Sergey Petrovich Novikov.
Mosc. Math. J. 3, no. 4, 1206--1208, 2003.
  Cassaigne Julien, Nicolas François.
Quelques propriétés des mots substitutifs [Some properties of substitutive words].
Bull. Belg. Math. Soc. Simon Stevin 10, suppl., 661--676, 2003.
  Chabot J.-L., Dutuit Y., Rauzy Antoine, Signoret J.-P.
An engineering approach to optimize system design or spare parts inventory.
Risk Decision and Policy, 8:1-11, 2003.
  Chaouiya Claudine, Remy Elisabeth, Mossé Brigitte, Thieffry Denis.
Qualitative analysis of regulatory graphs: a computational tool based on a discrete formal framework.
Positive systems (Rome, 2003), 119--126, Lecture Notes in Control and Inform. Sci., 294, Springer, Berlin, 2003.

Chaouiya Claudine, Remy Elisabeth, Mossé Brigitte, Thieffry Denis.
A description of dynamical graphs associated to elementary regulatory circuits.
Bioinformatics 19, 172-178, 2003.


Colombo Tristan, Quentin Y., Guénoche Alain.
Recherche de zones denses dans un graphe : application aux gènes orthologues.
Colloque «Knowledge Discovery and Discrete Mathematics». Actes des Journées Informatiques de Metz (JIM 2003), 203-212, 2003.

  Dehornoy P., Lafont Yves.
Homology of Gaussian groups.
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 53, no. 2, 489--540, 2003.
  Ehrhard Thomas, Regnier Laurent.
The differential lambda-calculus.
Theoret. Comput. Sci. 309, no. 1-3, 1--41, 2003.
  Feigin B., Ilyashenko Yu., Lando S., Sossinsky A., Tsfasman Michael, Vassiliev V.
Alexander Belavin.
Mosc. Math. J. 3, no. 1, 255--256, 2003.
  Ferenczi Sébastien, Holton Charles, Zamboni Luca Q.
Structure of three-interval exchange transformations. II. A combinatorial description of the trajectories.
J. Anal. Math. 89, 239--276, 2003.
  Girard Jean-Yves.
From foundations to ludics. New programs and open problems in the foundation of mathematics (Paris, 2000).
Bull. Symbolic Logic 9, no. 2, 131--168, 2003.
  Girard Jean-Yves, Okada M., Scedrov A.
Linear logic.
Papers from the meeting held at Keio University, Tokyo, March 28--April 2, 1996. Edited by J.-Y. Girard, M. Okada and A. Scedrov. Theoret. Comput. Sci. 294, no. 3. Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V., Amsterdam, 2003. pp. i--iv and 333--573, 2003.

Girard Jean-Yves.
La logique comme géométrie de la cognition.
Rapport technique de l'IML, 2003.

  Grant Melles Caroline , Brasselet Jean-Paul, Kennedy Gary, Lauter Kristin, McEwan Lee.
Topics in algebraic and noncommutative geometry. Dedicated to the memory of Ruth Michler.
Proceedings of the Conference "Resolution of Singularities and Noncommutative Geometry" held in Luminy, July 20--22, 2001 and the Algebraic Geometry Conference held in Annapolis, MD, October 25--28, 2001. Edited by Contemporary Mathematics, 324. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI. xvi+233 pp. ISBN: 0-8218-3209-3, 2003
  Guénoche Alain.
Partitions optimisées selon différents critères: évaluation et comparaison [Partitions optimized according to different criteria: evaluation and comparison] Recherche opérationnelle et aide à la décision.
Math. Sci. Hum. Math. Soc. Sci. No. 161, 41--58, 2003.
  Jaeger Sébastien, Lima Ricardo, Mossé Brigitte.
Symbolic analysis of finite words: the complexity function.
Bull. Braz. Math. Soc. (N.S.) 34, no. 3, 457--477, 2003.
  Kasparov Gennadi, Skandalis Georges.
Groups acting properly on "bolic" spaces and the Novikov conjecture.
Ann. of Math. (2) 158, no. 1, 165--206, 2003.
  Klimcik Ctirad, Valent Galliano.
One-loop renormalizability of all 2-dimensional Poisson-Lie sigma-models.
Phys. Lett. B 565, no. 1-4, 237--245, 2003.
  Kosyak Alexandr, Zekri Richard.
Anti-Wick symbols for infinite products in K-homology.
K-Theory 29, no. 2, 117--145, 2003.
  Lachaud Gilles.
Spectral analysis and the Riemann hypothesis.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Special Functions and their Applications (Chennai, 2002). J. Comput. Appl. Math. 160, no. 1-2, 175--190, 2003.

199 k
  Lafaye de Micheaux Nicole, Lopez Gérard, Vitiello P., Beauvois J. L.
Formalizing the transformations of a cognitive universe.
Discrete models for complex systems, DMCS '03 (Lyon), 141--153 (electronic), Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. Proc., AB, Assoc. Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci., Nancy, 2003.
  Lafont Yves.
Towards an algebraic theory of Boolean circuits.
J. Pure Appl. Algebra 184, no. 2-3, 257--310, 2003.
429 k
  Laurent Michel.
Simultaneous rational approximation to the successive powers of a real number.
Indag. Math. (N.S.) 14, no. 1, 45--53, 2003.
  Louboutin Stéphane.
Note on a hypothesis implying the non-vanishing of Dirichlet L-series L(s,) for s > 0 and real characters .
Colloq. Math.,96, 207--212, 2003.
  Louboutin Stéphane.
Explicit lower bounds for residues at s=1 of Dedekind zeta functions and relative class numbers of CM-fields.
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 355, 3079--3098, 2003.
  Louboutin Stéphane, Okazaki Ryotaro.
Exponents of the ideal class groups of CM number fields.
Math. Z. 243, 155--159, 2003.
  Maieli Roberto, Ruet Paul.
Non-commutative logic. III. Focusing proofs.
Inform. and Comput. 185, no. 2, 233--262, 2003
  Mauduit Christian, Sárközy András.
On the measures of pseudorandomness of binary sequences.
Discrete Math. 271, no. 1-3, 195--207, 2003.
  Melles C., Brasselet Jean-Paul, Kennedy G., Lauter K., McEwan L.
Topics in Algebraic and Noncommutative Geometry : Proceedings in memory of Ruth Michler.
Conférences tenues au CIRM - Luminy et à Annapolis Contemporary Math, Volume 324, June 2003. Edité par : C. Melles, J-P. Brasselet, G. Kennedy, K. Lauter et L. McEwan, 2003
  Michel Françoise, Pichon Anne.
On the boundary of the Milnor fibre of nonisolated singularities.
Int. Math. Res. Not. 2003, no. 43, 2305--2311, 2003.
(Erratum: Int. Math. Res. Not. 2004, no. 6, 309--310)

Pichon Anne, Seade José.
Real singularities and open-book decomposition of the 3-sphere.
Ann. Fac. Sci. Toulouse, VI, Sér. Math. 12 no 2, 245-265, 2003.

  Puschnigg Michael.
Diffeotopy functors of ind-algebras and local cyclic cohomology.
Docum. Math. J. 8, 143-245, 2003
  Rauzy Antoine, Châtelet E., Dutuit Y., Bérenguer C.
A practical comparison of methods to assess sum-of-products.
Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 79:33-42, 2003.
 161 k
  Rauzy Antoine.
A new methodology to handle boolean models with loops.
IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 52(1):96-105, 2003.
  Rauzy Antoine.
Towards an efficient implementation of Mocus.
IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 52(2):175-180, 2003.
  Remy Elisabeth, Mossé Brigitte, Chaouiya Claudine, Thieffry Denis.
A description of dynamical graphs associated to elementary regulatory circuits.
Bioinformatics, vol. 1 n° 1, 1--7, 2003.
  Rodier François.
Codes from flag varieties over a finite field.
J. Pure Appl. Algebra 178, no. 2, 203--214, 2003.
  Rodier François.
On the nonlinearity of Boolean functions.
Proceedings of WCC2003, Workshop on coding and cryptography 2003, sous la direction de  D. Augot, P. Charpin, G. Kabatianski, INRIA, pp. 397 - 405, 2003.
  Saussol B., Troubetzkoy Serge, Vaienti Sandro.
Recurrence and Lyapunov exponents.
Mosc. Math. J. 3, no. 1, 189--203, 260, 2003.
  Tezuka Shu, Faure Henri.
I-binomial scrambling of digital nets and sequences. Information-Based Complexity Workshop (Minneapolis, MN, 2002).
J. Complexity 19, no. 6, 744--757, 2003.
  Troubetzkoy Serge, Schmeling J.
Inhomogeneous Diophantine approximations and angular recurrence for billiards in polygons. (Russian).
Mat. Sb. 194, no. 2, 129--144, 2003.
  Troubetzkoy Serge, Hubert Pascal.
Billards Polygonaux.
Le bulletin de la FRUMAM n°5, 7-11, 2003.
  Troubetzkoy Serge, Vu H. L., Nguyen H. H., Nguyen V. Q., Russell M., Mestecky J.
Absolute quantification of specific nucleic acids by (RT)-PCR using a nonlinear mathematical model for data analysis.
PCR Technology: Current Innovations, Second Edition; Thomas Weissensteiner, Annette M. Griffin and Hugh G. Griffin (Editors) CRC Press, 2003. 

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