Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy


depuis 1993 / Since 1993
Blanchard François, Durand Fabien, Maass Alejandro.
Constant-lenght substitutions and countable scrambled sets, 2003.  abstract
875 k   843 k
Blanchard François, Glasner Eli, Kolyada Sergiy, Maass Alejandro
On Li-Yorke pairs, 2000.  abstract
251 k   258 k
Blanchard François, Host Bernard, Ruette Sylvie.
Asymptotic pairs in positive-entropy systems, 2000. abstract
167 k   831 k
Blanchard François, Tisseur Pierre.
Some Properties of Cellular Automata with Equicontinuity Points, 1999.

163 k
Blanchard François, Host Bernard, Maass Alejandro.
Topological Complexity, 1998.
Blanchard François, Kúrka Petr, Maass Alejandro.
Topological and Measure-Theoretic Properties of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata, 1996.
Blanchard François, Kúrka Petr.
Language Complexity of Rotations and Sturmian Sequences, 1996.
Blanchard François, Maass Alejandro.
Dynamical Behaviour of Coven's Aperiodic Cellular Automata tex2html_wrap_inline111, 1995.
Blanchard François, Glasner E., Host Bernard.
A Variation on the Variational Principle and Applications to Entropy Pairs, 1995.
Blanchard François, Maass Alejandro.
Dynamical Properties of Expansive Cellular Automata, 1994.
Blanchard François, Glasner E., Kwiatkowski J.
Minimal Self-Joinings and Positive Topological Entropy, 1994.

Blanchard François, Host Bernard, Maass Alejandro, Rudolph D.J.
Entropy Pairs for a Measure, 1993.


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