Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy


1 Puschnigg Michael.
Die universelle unbeschränkte derivation, 2009. 

139 k
2 Henniart Guy, Lemaire Bertrand.
Sur le changement de base local pour GL(n), 2009. 

544 k
3 Puschnigg Michael.
New holomorphically closed subalgebras of C *-algebras of hyperbolic groups, 2009. 

223 k
4 Ghattas Badih, Perera Gonzalo, Piccini Juan.
Bayesian Learning of unobservable output aggregating multiple weak learners, 2009.

385 k
5 Faure Henri, Pillichshammer F.
L2 discrepancy of two dimensional digitally shifted Hammersley point sets in base b.
A paraître in Proceedings of “MCQMC 2008”, Eds. P. L’Ecuyer and A. Owen, Springer, 2009.

191 k
6 Lemieux C., Faure Henri.
New perspectives on (0, s)−sequences.
A paraître in Proceedings of “MCQMC 2008”, Eds. P. L’Ecuyer and A. Owen, Springer, 2009.

1,85 M
7 Faure Henri, Pillichshammer F., Pirsic G., Schmid W.
L2 discrepancy of generalized two-dimensional Hammersley point sets scrambled with arbitrary permutations, 2009

228 k
8 Delorme Patrick.
Théorème de Paley-Wiener pour les fonctions de Whittaker sur un groupe réductif p-adique, 2009.

354 k

Ballet Stéphane, Ritzenthaler Christophe, Rolland Robert.
On the existence of dimension zero divisors in algebraic function fields defined over Fq , 2009.

364 k
10 Lafont Yves, Métayer François, Worytkiewicz Krzysztof.
A folk model structure on omega-cat, 2009.

448 k
11 Delorme Patrick, Opdam Eric M.
Analytic R-groups of affine Hecke algebras, 2009.

373 k
12 Baragatti Meïli.
Bayesian variable selection for probit mixed models, 2009.

270 k

Ballet Stéphane, Rolland Robert.
Families of curves over any finite field with a class number greater than the Lachaud - Martin-Deschamps bounds, 2009

325 k
14 Lafont Yves.
Diagram rewriting and operads, 2009.

117 k
15 Rannou Pierre.
Coassociativity of deconcatenation: a diagrammatic proof, 2009.

42 k

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