Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy


1 Delorme Patrick, Sécherre Vincent.
An analogue of the Cartan decomposition for p-adic symmetric spaces of split reductive p-adic groups, 2007.

263 k

2 Delorme Patrick, Mezo Paul.
Twisted invariant Paley-Wiener theorem for real reductive groups, 2007.  abstract
296 k
3 Sboui Adnen.
Sur le nombre de points rationnels d’une courbe projective plane sur un corps fini, 2007.  abstract
162 k
4 Troubetzkoy Serge.
Dual billiards, Fagnano orbits and regular polygons, 2007.  abstract
134 k
5 Breiner Andrew, Deogun Jitender, Ille Pierre.
Partially critical indecomposable graphs, 2007.  abstract
239 k
6 Crumière Anne.
Positive circuits and two-dimensional spatial differentiation: Application to the formation of sense organs in Drosophila, 2007.  abstract
166 k
7 Faure Henri.
Improvements on low discrepancy one-dimensional sequences and two-dimensional point sets, 2007.  abstract
229 k
8 Faure Henri, Lemieux Christiane.
Generalized Halton sequences in 2007: a comparative study, 2007.  abstract
676 k
9 Henniart Guy, Lemaire Bertrand.
Formules de caractères pour l'induction automorphe, 2007.  abstract
391 k



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