Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy


1 Konyagin Sergei, Mauduit Christian and Sárközy Andras.
On the number of prime factors of integers characterized by digit properties, 2000.
2 Canterini Vincent and Siegel Anne.
Geometric representation of primitive substitutions of Pisot type, 2000.
3 Rodier François.
Codes from flag varieties over a finite field, 2000.
4 Férard Éric.
Weight of dual of BCH codes and exponential sums, 2000.
5 Berthé Valérie and Tijdeman Robert.
Balance properties of multi-dimensional words, 2000.
6 Berthé Valérie and Nakada Hitoshi.
On continued fraction expansions in positive characteristic : equivalence relations and some metric properties, 2000.
7 Berthé Valérie .
Complexité et automates cellulaires linéaires (complexity and linear cellular automata), 2000.
8 Arnoux Pierre and Fisher Albert M.
The scenery flow for geometric structures on the torus : the linear setting, 2000.
9 Pouspourikas Evangelos.
Invariance under inversion of Rauzy's classes, Poincaré density for the transformation of induction on the space of maps exchanging three intervals and maximal substitutions, 2000.
10 Shlosman Senya and Tsfasman Michael A.
Random lattices and random sphere packings : typical properties, 2000.
11 Delorme Patrick.
Classification des triples de Manin pour les algèbres de Lie réductives complexes, 2000.

484 k
12 Tisseur Pierre.
Average Lyapunov exponents and one-dimensional cellular automata, 2000.
13 Hubert Pascal and Schmidt Thomas A.
Invariants of balanced affine coverings of translation surfaces, 2000.
14 Maieli Roberto and Ruet Paul.
Non-commutative logic III : focusing proofs, 2000.
15 Ruette Sylvie.
Mixing Cr maps of the interval without maximal measure, 2000.
16 Férard Éric.
Poids des duaux des codes BCH de distance prescrite 2a + 1 et sommes exponentielles, 2000.
17 Temkine Alexandre.
Asymptotically good families of self-dual lattices, 2000.
18 Cornus Cédric.
Nombre de points et cohomologie l-adique des variétés toriques sur les corps finis, 2000.
19 Mauduit Christian.
Finite and infinite pseudorandom binary words, 2000.
20 Nogueira Arnaldo.
Relatively prime numbers and invariant measures under the natural action of SL (n, Z) on Rn, 2000.
21 Nogueira Arnaldo.
Orbit distribution on R2 under the natural action of SL (2, Z), 2000.
22 Ashikhmin Alexei, Litsyn Simon and Tsfasman Michael A.
Asymptotically good quantum codes, 2000.
23 Berthé Valérie.
Autour du système de numération d'Ostrowski, 2000.
24 Laurent Olivier, Quatrini Myriam and Tortora de Falco Lorenzo.
Polarized and focalized linear and classical proofs, 2000. abstract
428 k   1,8 M
25 Rolland Robert.
Fonctions maximalement non linéaires sur un corps fini, 2000.  abstract
180 k   161 k
26 Blanchard François, Host Bernard and Ruette Sylvie.
Asymptotic pairs in positive-entropy systems, 2000. abstract
167 k   831 k
27 Mauduit Christian.
Multiplicative properties of the Thue-Morse sequence, 2000. abstract
28 Klimcik Ctirad and Parkhomenko S.
Monodromic strings, 2000. abstract
175 k   61 k
29 Bruasse-Bac Alexandra.
On phase semantics and denotational semantics : the second-order, 2000. abstract
156 k   1,7 M
30 Ehrhard Thomas.
On Köthe sequence spaces and linear logic, 2000. abstract
538 k   2,3 M
31 Chaves Juliana and Nogueira Arnaldo.
Spectral properties of interval exchange maps, 2000. abstract
32 Nogueira Arnaldo.
Counting and orbits distribution on the lattice of R2, 2000. abstract
33 Islim Iman.
Sails of split simplicial cones in dimension 4, 2000.  abstract

169 k
34 Islim Iman.
Unités d'une famille de corps réels abéliens, de groupe de Galois de type(4, 2), 2000.  abstract

138 k
35 Louboutin Stéphane.
Class number and class group problems for some non-normal totally real cubic number fields, 2000.  abstract
313 k   881 k
36 Faure Henri.
Variations on (0,s)-sequences, 2000.  abstract
807 k   322 k
37 Ostrik Victor V., Tsfasman Michael A.
Algebraic geometry and number theory : rational and elliptic curves (russian), 2000.  abstract
38 Blanchard François, Glasner Eli, Kolyada Sergiy and Maass Alejandro
On Li-Yorke pairs, 2000.  abstract
251 k   258 k
39 Cassaigne Julien, Ferenczi Sébastien, Mauduit Christian, Rivat Joël and Sarközy Andras
On finite pseudorandom binary sequences, III (The Liouville function, I), 2000.  abstract

236 k
40 Cassaigne Julien, Ferenczi Sébastien, Mauduit Christian, Rivat Joël and Sarközy Andras
On finite pseudorandom binary sequences, IV (The Liouville function, II), 2000.  abstract

237 k
41 Cassaigne Julien, Mauduit Christian and Sarközy Andras
On finite pseudorandom binary sequences, VII : The measures of pseudorandomness, 2000.  abstract

283 k
42 Laurent Michel and Poulakis Dimitrios
On the global distance between two algebraic points on a curve, 2000.  abstract

1,4 M
43 Arnoux Pierre, Berthé Valérie, Ferenczi Sébastien, Ito S., Mauduit Christian, Mori M., Peyrière J., Siegel Anne, Tamura J.-I. and Wen Z.-Y.
Introduction to finite automata and substitution dynamical systems
Editors : V. Berthé, S. Ferenczi, C. Mauduit and A. Siegel, 2000
44 Temkine Alexandre
Hilbert class field towers of function fields over finite fields and lower bounds for A(q), II, 2000.  abstract
45 Faure Henri
On the distribution of the sums of binomial coefficients modulo a prime, 2000.  abstract
46 Finkelberg Michael
Drinfeld compactification of the Calogero-Moser space, 2000.  abstract

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