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  Lau E., Nicole Marc-Hubert, Vasiu Adrian.
Stratifications of Newton polygon strata and Traverso’s truncation conjectures for p-divisible groups.
48 pages, soumis.
arXiv ACL
2010 Nicole Marc-Hubert.
Purity of stratifications of Shimura varieties in positive characteristic.
Algebraic number theory and related topics 2008, 45--79, RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu, B19, Res. Inst. Math. Sci. (RIMS), Kyoto, 2010.

Nicole Marc-Hubert, Vasiu Adrian, Wedhorn Torsten.
Purity of level m stratifications.
Ann. Sci. Éc. Norm. Supér. (4) 43, no. 6, 925–955, 2010.

2008 Nicole Marc-Hubert.
Superspecial abelian varieties and the Eichler basis problem for Hilbert modular forms.
J. Number Theory 128, no. 11, 2874--2889, 2008.
arXiv ACL
2009 Nicole Marc-Hubert.
Modèles entiers de courbes de Shimura (en japonais).
Instructional conference on the Gross-Zagier formula, (Sendai, 2007), Tôhoku University, éditeurs: M. Chida and T. Yamauchi, chapitre de livre, 2009.
2007 Nicole Marc-Hubert, Vasiu Adrian.
Traverso's isogeny conjecture for $p$-divisible groups.
Rend. Semin. Mat. Univ. Padova 118, ISBN: 978-88-77842-84-8 73--83, 2007.
arXiv ACL
  Nicole Marc-Hubert, Vasiu Adrian.
Minimal truncations of supersingular $p$-divisible groups.
Indiana Univ. Math. J. 56, no. 6, 2887--2897, 2007.
arXiv ACL
2006 Nicole Marc-Hubert.
A geometric interpretation of Eichler’s basis problem for Hilbert modular forms.
Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics (Kyôto, 2005), Surikaisekikenkyusho Kokyuroku, 108--118, 2006.
2002 Goren Eyal Z (with the assistance of Marc-Hubert Nicole).
Lectures on Hilbert modular varieties and modular forms.
CRM Monograph Series, 14. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, x+270 pp. ISBN: 0-8218-1995-X, 2002.
1999 Bshouty Daoud, Hengartner Walter, Nicole Marc-Hubert.
A constructive method for univalent harmonic exterior maps with Blaschke dilatation.
Computational methods and function theory 1997 (Nicosia), 99--115, Ser. Approx. Decompos., 11, World Sci. Publ., River Edge, NJ, 1999.


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