Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy


Opérateurs d'Algèbres et Géométrie

Kasparov Gennadi, Skandalis Georges.
Groups acting properly on "bolic" spaces and the Novikov conjecture.
Ann. of Math. (2) 158, no. 1, 165--206, 2003.

Kosyak Alexandr, Zekri Richard.
Anti-Wick symbols for infinite products in K-homology.
K-Theory 29, no. 2, 117--145, 2003.

Puschnigg Michael.
Diffeotopy functors of ind-algebras and local cyclic cohomology.
Docum. Math. J. 8, 143-245, 2003.

Puschnigg Michael.
Excision and the Hodge filtration in periodic cycle homology.
Crelle Journal, 38pp., à paraître.
Puschnigg Michael.
Characters of Fredholm modules and a problem of Connes.
En cours de rédaction.

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