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Invited Speakers

Jean-Marc Couveignes

Smoothness in finite residue fields

Marc Girault

Recent breakthroughs in electronic voting

Gilles Lachaud

On a conjecture of Serre

Gerhard Frey

Discrete Logarithms, Duality, and Arithmetic in Brauer Groups of Global Fields

Everett Howe

Even sharper upper bounds on the number of Points on curves

Christophe Soulé

Perfect forms and the cohomology of modular groups

Felipe Voloch

Symmetric Cryptography and Algebraic Curves

Conferences for general public

Pierre Barthélemy

La sécurité des réseaux

Marc Girault

RFID et Sécurité

Robert Rolland

L'émergence de la cryptographie elliptique


Yves Aubry and Régis Blache

On a question related to the Gauss conjecture for function fields

Roberto Avanzi and Emanuele Cesena

Trace zero varieties over fields of characteristic 2 - Cryptographic applications -

Mohamed Ayad

On irreducible polynomials over Q which are reducible over Fp for all p

Stéphane Ballet

A note on the tensor rank of the multiplication in certain finite fields

Peter Beelen and Tom Hoeholdt

List decoding using syndromes

Regis Blache

L-functions for character sums over p-adic curves

Gérald Bourgeois and Jean Charles Faugère

Algebraic attack on NTRU with Witt vectors

Kristian Brander

An optimal unramified tower of function fields

Claude Carlet

Partial covering sequences: a method for designing classes of cryptographic functions

Jean Chaumine

On the bilinear complexity of the multiplication in small finite fields

Ran Cohen

Group law algorithms for jacobian varieties of curves over finite fields

Jorge Estrada Sarlabous, Maria Petkova, Regis Blache

Computing in the jacobian of genus 3 Cab-curves

Hiu Fai, Law and Philip P. W. Wong

On quadratic extensions of cyclic projective planes

David Freeman and Kristin Lauter

Computing endomorphism rings of jacobians of genus 2 curves over finite fields

Stephane Flon, Roger Oyono and Chistophe Ritzenthaler

Fast addition on non-hyperelliptic genus 3 curves and rationality of the intersection points of a line with a plane quartic

Sudhir R. Ghorpade, Arunkumar R. Patil and Harish K. Pillai

On the Weight Hierarchy of Grassmann Codes

Enrique Gonzalez Jimenez Roger Oyono

Computing equations of non-hyperelliptic modular curves of genus 3 suitable for cryptography

Tor Helleseth, Aina Johanssen and Alexander Kholosha

Four-valued crosscorrelation between m-saquences of different lengths

James Hirschfeld

Curves over a finite field with many rational points

Jose de Jesus Angel Angel and Guillermo Morales-Luna

Counting prime numbers with short binary signed representation

Trygve Johnsen

Decoding of Scroll Codes

Mikko Kiviharju

Fuzzy pairings-based CL-PKES

David Kohel

Complex multiplication and canonical lifts

Philippe Langevin and Gregor Leander

On a Conjecture by Dobbertin

S. Liang and David Jeffrey

Bounds on even-degree polynomials having symbolic coefficients

Stéphane Louboutin, Joel Rivat and Andras Sarkozy

On a problem of D. H. Lehmer

Matthew Malenfant and Stephen Watt

Sparse exponents in symbolic polynomials

Sihem Mesnager

On the number of resilient Boolean functions

Valeriy Mnukhin

On kernels of differentiation on truncated polynomial rings

Robert Rolland

Number of points of hypersurfaces

Igor Shparlinski

On the exponent of modular reductions of elliptic curves of small height

Norman Wildberger

Metrical algebraic geometry over finite fields

Yevhen Zelenyuk

Partitions of vector spaces over finite fields

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