Updated: December 2003
Curriculum Vitae

Michael A. Tsfasman

Personal                Born 23 July 1954 in Moscow, Russia.
                               Married, four children.

Languages             Russian, English, French

Current positions  Research Director, Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy, CNRS, Marseille, France
                               Vice President, Independent University of Moscow, Russia
                               Leading Research Fellow, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow, Russia
                               Editor-in-Chief, Moscow Mathematical Journal    

Fields of Expertise  Algebraic geometry, with emphasis on its relation to number theory (varieties over non-algebraically closed fields, especially over finite fields and number fields, parallelism between the function field case and the number field case, curves, rational varieties, rational points and zero-cycles, elliptic curves and abelian varieties, towers of varieties and asymptotic theory).
Number theory (global fields, zeta-functions, infinite global fields and asymptotic theory).
Error-correcting codes (including quantum codes), with emphasis on algebraic geometry and number theory methods.
Lattices and sphere packings, their relation to codes, number fields, and algebraic varieties.

Other Fields of Interest  Arithmetic geometry, number theory, complex  algebraic geometry, singularities, K-theory, information theory.

           1968-71    Moscow Mathematical high school number 2
           1971-76    Undergraduate, Chair of Algebra, Dept. of Math., Moscow State University, Russia
                            (under supervision of Professors I.R.Shafarevich and A.N.Parshin)
           1979-82    Graduate, Chair of Algebra, Dept. of Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
                            (under supervision of Professor Yu.I.Manin)
           1976        Master Degree in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
                          Thesis: Very Special Abelian Varieties
                          Advisor: Professor A.N.Parshin
                          Official referee: Professor F.A.Bogomolov
           1983       Ph.D. in Mathematics, Leningrad Dept. of Steklov Math. Inst. (LOMI)
                          Thesis:   Rational Points on Algebraic Curves and Surfaces
                          Advisor: Professor Yu.I.Manin
                          Official referees: Professors V.E.Voskresenskii and B.B.Venkov
           1991       State Doctor in Mathematics, Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IPPI) and
                          Highest State Attestation Committee
                          Thesis:   Global Fields, Error-Correcting Codes and Sphere Packings
                          Official referees: Professors V.E.Voskresenskii, V.I.Levenshtein, and V.I.Yanchevskii

           Books (author) Del Pezzo Surfaces of Degree Four (with B.E.Kunyavskii and A.N.Skorobogatov);
                                    Algebraic Geometric Codes (with S.G.Vladuts);
                                    Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory: Rational and Elliptic Curves (with V.V.Ostrik);
                                    Algebraic Geometry Codes: Basic Notions (with D.Yu.Nogin and S.G.Vladuts).
           Books (editor)  Coding Theory and Algebraic Geometry (with H.Stichtenoth);
                                    Collected Papers of J.-P.Serre (in Russian).                                  
           About 60 research papers, mostly on algebraic geometry, number theory, error-correcting codes, lattices and packings.

Editorial Boards
             1995            Special issue on Algebraic Geometry Codes of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (invited editor);
             1995-now    Finite Fields and Their Applications.
             2001-now    Moscow Mathematical Journal (editor-in-chief)
Prizes and Awards
            Second Prize at the World Math. Olympics 1971.
            IEEE Information Theory Group Best Paper Award 1984.

Professional Experience
           1976-79     Mathematics and Computer Science Engineer,
                             Institute for Electricity and Energetics, Moscow
           1983-85     Senior Researcher and Mathematics Advisor,
                             Institute for Problems of Design, Moscow
           1985-88     Head of Mathematics Department,
                             Institute for Development of Moscow City, Moscow
           1988-90     Habilitation Fellow,
                             Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IPPI),
           1990-now  Leading Research Fellow, Dobrushin Mathematics Lab.,
                             Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IPPI),
                             Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
           1998-now  Vice-President and Full Professor, Independent Moscow University
           2001-now  Research Director, Institut de Mathematiques de Lumini, National Scientific Research
                             Center (CNRS), Marseille, France
Temporary Positions held
            1989, 90   Univ. Paris-7, France
            1990         Techn. Univ. of Lyngby, Danmark
            1991         Univ. of Essen, Germany
                             Harvard Univ., USA
            1992         Univ. of Sussex, U.K.
                             Technical Univ. of Eindhoven, Netherlands
            1996         Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands
            1997         Univ. of Michigan, USA
            1991-2001 Institut de Mathematiques de Lumini, France
Teaching experience
           1994-95    Graduate course in the Moscow State University
           1996-now Graduate school of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems
           1997         University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
           1998-now Independent Moscow University 
           2001-now Graduate school of Marseille universities

Invited talks

           1973-now  About 60 invited talks at Moscow seminars run by Yu.I.Manin, I.R.Shafarevich, A.A.Beilinson, I.Dolgachev, V.A.Iskovskih, R.L.Dobrushin, L.A.Bassalygo, S.A.Stepanov, V.I.Levenshtein, etc.
           1979-92     Invited talks at several conferences in Russia
           1989          France ("Journees  Arithmetiques"- plenary address, AAECC conference in Toulouse, "Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory - 2")
           1990          USA (Harvard, Berkeley, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Rochester, Ann Arbor, Chapel Hill, NYCU, Univ. of Puerto Rico, IBM Watson Labs, Bellcore Labs), France (Paris-7, Nice), Danmark (Lyngby)
           1991          Spain (Univ. Complutense Madrid, Univ.Valladolid), Germany (Univ. Essen, Max-Plank Inst., Bonn), France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-3"), Switzerland ("Journees Arithmetiques", Geneva), USA (Harvard, Yale, Stony Brook).
           1992          England (Univ. of Sussex, Oxford), France (Marseille, Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Eindhoven)
           1993          France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-4", Marseille, Paris), invited session chairman and invited talk at ISIT IEEE (USA, San Antonio), invited talk at IWIT IEEE (Japan)
           1994          France (Marseille, Paris, Caen), Israel (Tel Aviv Univ., Weizmann Inst.)
           1995          France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-5"; Orsay; Grenoble)
           1996          France (Paris, Marseille)
           1997          France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-6", Marseille), USA (Ann Arbor)
           1998          France (Marseille), Italy (Rome)
           1999          France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-7"), Germany ("Methods of Discrete Math.", Braunschweig)
           2000          France (Marseille), Greece ("Curves and Abelian Varieties over Finite Fields", Cretos), Russia ("Globus")
           2001          France ("Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-8"), Mexico ("Finite Fields - 6"), Russia ("Fundamental Mathematics Today")
           2002          France (Paris), Russia ("Globus")
           2003          France (Bordeaux, "Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory-9", Limoges)