GeoCrypt 2013

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Conference on Geometry and Cryptographytiare flower

From October 7 to 11, 2013
at Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

The 2013 GeoCrypt Conference was held at the Lycée Hôtelier de Tahiti Punaauia, about 9 km from Papeete.

It was organized by the following institutions:

  • The GAATI group (Géométrie Algébrique et Applications à la Théorie de l’Information) of the Université de la Polynésie Française.
  • The ATI team (Arithmétique et Théorie de l'Information) of the Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy, CNRS laboratory.
  • The AOC laboratory (Analyse, Optimisation, Contrôle) of the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers from arithmetic geometry and cryptography.

The main topics of the meeting was in the field of safety and communicating embedded systems in particular:
Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry over Finite Fields, Algorithms in Finite Fields, Error Correcting Codes, Cryptology, Boolean Functions, Discrete Dynamical Systems.

GeoCrypt 2013
1st row (left to right): François Rodier - David Kohel - Karl Rubin - ? - Damien Robert - Michael Jacobson - Roger Oyono - David Adam - Arai Keisuke
2nd row (left to right): Lydie Rodier - Kiran Kedlaya - Alice Silverberg - Jean-Marc Couveignes - Rezai Rad - Jean-François Biasse - Gaétan Bisson - Renate Scheidler - Steven Galbraith - Nicolas Thériault - Jean Chaumine - Alina Bucur- Kumar Murty

photo credits: Renate Scheidler

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