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5th International Conference on Algebraic Informatics



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Monday, September 2, 2013

16h45 Departure of the Special Bus « CAI 2013 », from the Toulon bus station (nearby railway station) to "La Tour Fondue" Harbour

17h45 Departure of the Special Boat to Porquerolles Island

18h30 Check In

19h30 Dinner

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Morning session

8h30 Opening (T. Muntean / R. Rolland / D. Poulakis)

9h-10h Pascal Véron,

Code based cryptography and steganography

10h-10h20 Coffee break

10h20-10h50 Marcella Anselmo, Dora Giammarresi, Maria Madonia

Strong prefix codes of pictures

10h55-11h25 Michaël Cadilhac, Andreas Krebs, Pierre McKenzie.

The Algebraic Theory of Parikh Automata

11h30-12h Marco Calderini, Massimiliano Sala

Generalized AG Codes as Evaluation Codes

12h15 Lunch

Afternoon session

14h-15h Seny Kamara

Proofs of storage: theory, constructions and applications

15h-15h20 Coffee break

15h20-15h50 Johan P. Hansen,

Osculating Spaces of Varieties and Linear Network Codes

15h55-16h25 Victor Marsault, Jacques Sakarovitch

On Sets of Numbers Rationally Represented in a Rational Base Number System

16h30-17h Matteo Piva, Massimiliano Sala

A New Bound for Cyclic Codes Beating the Roos Bound

18h “Apéritif de Bienvenue” - Domaine Perzinski (vineyard)

19h30 Dinner

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Morning session

8h30-9h30 Christel Baier

Quantitative analysis of randomized distributed systems and probabilistic automata

9h30-10h Eleni Mandrali, George Rahonis

Characterizations of weighted first-order logics over semirings

10h-10h20 Coffee break

10h20-10h50 Symeon Bozapalidis, George Rahonis ;

Stochastic Equationality

10h55-11h25 Bruno Courcelle, Irène Durand.

Model-checking by infinite fly-automata

11h30-12h Andreas Maletti

Synchronous Forest Substitution Grammars

12h15 Lunch


15h Social event

- Boat trip around Porquerolles Island


- Visit of the Lighthouse (Phare de Porquerolles)

19h30 Dinner

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Morning session

8h30-9h30 Gilles Lachaud,

Word oriented LFSR and construction of block companion matrices in a given conjugacy class

9h30-10h Georgios Fotiadis, Elisavet Konstantinou

On the Efficient Generation of Generalized MNT Elliptic Curves

10h-10h20 Coffee break

10h20-10h50 Yves Aubry, Philippe Langevin,

On a conjecture of Helleseth

10h55-11h25 Konstantinos Draziotis, Dimitrios Poulakis.

Lattice Attacks on DSA schemes based on Lagrange’s Algorithm

11h30-12h Nadia El Mrabet

Side Channel Attacks against Pairing over Theta Functions.

12h15 Lunch

Afternoon session

13h30-16h Industrial Session

Invited Companies - Presentations from: Clearsy, Inside Secure, Orange Labs,

ST Microelectronics, Technicolor, Microsoft Research.

    • presentation by representative of AMIES (Agence Maths. et Interactions Entreprises)

    • presentation by representative of Pôle Compétitivité SCS « Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées »

Round Table: "Methods, Futures Tools & Applications"

16h-16h15 Coffee break

16h15-17h15 Gul Agha,

Euclidean Model Checking: A Scalable Method for Verifying
Quantitative Properties in Probabilistic Systems.

17h15-17h45  Stéphane Ballet, Jean Chaumine, Julia Pieltant ;

Shimura modular curves and asymptotic symmetric tensor rank of multiplication in any finite field

17h45-18h15  Sebastian Junges, Ulrich Loup, Florian Corzilius, Erika Ábrahám ;

On Gröbner Bases in the Context of Satisfiability-Modulo-Theories Solving over the Real Numbers.

19h30 Conference Dinner

Friday, September 6, 2013

Morning session

9h-10h Marc Joye

On Elliptic Curve Paillier Schemes

10h-10h20 Coffee break.

10h20-10h50 Michel de Rougemont, Mathieu Tracol 

Approximation of Large Probabilistic Networks by Structured Population Protocols.

10h55-11h25 Gérard H.E. Duchamp , Nguyen Hoang-Nghia, Adrian Tanasa.

A selection-quotient process for packed word Hopf algebra

11h30-12h Laurent Poinsot

Linear induction algebra and a normal form for linear operators

12h15 Lunch

13h Departure from IGESA

13h30 Departure of the Special Boat CAI13

14h Departure of the Special Bus from "La Tour Fondue" toward Toulon Bus Station

14h45 Arrival of the Special Bus at Toulon Bus Station.


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