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For your travel arrangements

Please make arrangements in order to meet the following transfer schedule between Toulon rail station and Porquerolles Islands:

From Toulon :
Departure Monday (Sepember 2, 2013) 16h45 from bus station which is outside the railway station
- see bellow (Special Bus)

Toulon station

From Porquerolles :
Departure Friday (September 6, 2013) 13h.
Arrival at Toulon rail-station : 14h45

Alternatively you can use the following public transport (but less convenient)

Informations to join and leave Porquerolles island

First you’ll have to come in France and join the city of Hyères.

To go from Hyères Aeroport to Hyères Centre bus station

You can take the bus (20min).
Bus leaving at 8h10, 9h10, 10h10, 11h10, 11h51, 12h45, 13h32, 14h35, 15h35, 16h35, 17h40 and 18h30 from monday to saturday.
Bus leaving at 8h10, 9h10, 11h57, 14h35, 15h35 and 17h40 on Sunday.

To go from Hyères Aeroport to the Tour Fondue

You can take a taxi.
I have asked to the taxi company :
from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, the price would be around 25 euros.
Otherwise, it woul be around 35 euros.
(Hyères Taxi Station: 04 94 00 60 00)

To go from Toulon railway station to Hyères Centre bus station

If you are in Toulon railway station, you just have to go to the bus station : when you get out of the railway station, turn left.
Just walk 50m and then climb down the stairs. This is there !
Take the bus 29 or 39 until their terminus : Hyères centre. From Monday to Friday, around 4 buses an hour.

To go from Hyères Centre bus station to the Tour Fondue

Just take the bus 67 (30min) and get down at Tour Fondue.
Bus leaving at 6h30, 7h30, 8h25, 9h15, 11h25, 13h45, 15h40
Bus coming back at 7h20, 8h27, 9h, 10h05, 12h, 14h25, 17h35, 18h35 from Monday to Saturday and bus coming back at 9h, 10h05, 12h, 14h25, 17h35, 19h on Sunday.

To go from the Tour Fondue to Porquerolles

Take the shuttle to the island.
Shuttles leaving at 7h30, 9h, 9h30,10h, 10h30, 11h, 11h30, 12h, 12h30, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30, 17h, 18h.
(Shuttles coming back at 7h (not on Sunday), 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 11h30, 14h,15h, 16h30, 17h30, 18h30)
Please note that if you let a car in the Tour Fondue parking, you will have to pay 6 euros a day.
Please ask me for any questions : robert.rolland |_at_|

Phone numbers

  • La Tour Fondue Shuttle: (33) 04 94 58 21 81
  • La Tour Fondue Taxi Boat: (33) 04 94 58 31 19 / 06 09 52 31 19
  • La Tour Fondue Car Park: 04 94 01 99 28 (No visitor’s cars allowed on the island)
  • IGESA center: (33) 4 94 12 31 80
  • Hyères Coach Station (SODETRAV) : 0 825 00 06 50
  • Hyères Taxi Station: 04 94 00 60 00

More information on Porquerolles


Map of Porquerolles Island

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