Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy

163, avenue de Luminy - Case 907

13288 - Marseille Cedex 9

Tel. :

Fax. : - -

Information sheet

Entrance : main building of the Campus, called : "CNRS - Groupe des Laboratoires de Luminy ".

(If you are not accompanied, the guards downstairs might ask you to leave an I.D. card).

Administrative offices opening hours : 9 a.m to 5p.m.

When arriving, go to the 3rd floor, room 315, or in case of that person’s absence, room 313 or 311.

You will be given :

- the key of your office

- an electronic card that will allow you to get into the building

- an envelope containing your login name and password for electronic mail connections.

- a letter for the CIRM Library.

- telephone book, offices’ sketch plan and campus map.

When leaving, please put the key and your electronic card into an envelope that you can either

give to one of the secretaries or leave in the inviting person mail box (room 312).

Be careful not to leave any valuable object in your office and lock it any time you are not in.

We decline our responsibilty for any kind of theft.


Not all the offices are provided with computers, therefore three ‘self-service’ computers and a printer are at your disposal in that room.


For calls within France use the phone in your office. For international calls please

ask the administrative staff or your colleagues.


You may use the CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques) Library which is located on the Campus site. You will just have to show the letter from the Institute.

MAIL : Room 312

If you expect mail, you will find it in mail boxes addressed to the name of the team that invites you.

If you have mail to send out put it in the basket marked " courrier à affranchir ".

If you wish to have your mail sent back to you after your departure, please let us know.

White paper and envelopes are at your disposal in the same room.

Self-service printers and fax are also at your disposal.

MEALS : from 12 to 2 p.m.

A Cafeteria located in the main hall of the Faculty offers proper meals as well as sandwiches.

There are also two refreshments bars outside the Campus.

LOUNGE : Room 310 / 3rd floor of the Institute.

People gather there at coffee time. At your disposal :

- microwave, coffee machine and refrigerator. Buy tokens to get coffee capsules and fresh drinks.


You can have nice walks in the Calanques however keep in mind that the area can be dangerous, especially on the high cliffs. (Grande Candelle and others). Take only marked tracks and wear hiking shoes.